'Boykee' is Liam Alexander Domonkos' and Kinima's first full feature production. Scripted by Domonkos and based on a story by screenwriter Daniyal Isaaq. It was shot over the course of a year and a half in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on a shoe-string budget of €6,000 using mostly non-professional actors. Domonkos and Director of Photography, Fábio Mota decided due to their small budget and lack of production assistance that the film would rely heavily on visual style and took a Cinéma vérité approach to the filming, using real locations and natural lighting whenever possible.  'Boykee'  is currently in it's final stages of post-production. 

'Boykee' is a gritty, street-wise examination of a world of drugs and addiction. Set on the streets of Rotterdam, it tells a harrowingly detailed and often heartbreaking account of Boykee's life and struggles. The film concludes in a whirlwind of emotions, drugs and broken dreams in a landscape where desperate needs often cloud good judgment, and the power of friendship and love may not be as strong as the power of addiction.

Written & Directed by Liam Alexander Domonkos
Director of Photography Fábio Mota
Produced by Eirini Katri & Liam Alexander Domonkos
Sound & Music by Stan van den Baar & Dave van Gruijthuijsen
Edited by Liam Alexander Domonkos
Makeup Department Yira Pimentel
Aerials Shot by Belle Aerials (

Starring: Bilal Choudry, Leonor Plantenga, Rutger Bruil, Julio Neves Dias, Charlie Curilan, Evert Velthuizen, Nastassia Vuursteen, Arminé Telimi, Joseph Bowe, Eliot Bowe, Ergun Simsek, Samantha Bonouvrie, Ayisha Siddiqi, Koen van Kuppeveld, Max Croes, Astrid Leerkamp, Armand Henri Muilenburg, Don Alphonso, Nasima Shaheen, Sharon Valerona, Wendy van der Meer, Freke Schrikkema, Ilse van den Dungen