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Kris Van Doorn is a detective in a suburban district investigating a series of murders. He becomes obsessed with the idea that these crimes are connected to the brutal murder of his wife six months before. Will Kris be able to connect the dots and solve this riddle, or will his obsession cloud his judgment and prevent him from finding out the truth?

Directed by Liam Alexander Domonkos
Written by Liam Alexander Domonkos & Evert Velthuizen
Director of Photography Liam Alexander Domonkos & Jokko Voogt
Produced by Evert Velthuizen
Sound & Music by Stan van den Baar
Edited by Liam Alexander Domonkos

Starring: Evert Velthuizen, Rutger Bruil, Kobus Kortmann, Margot Hospers, Bilal Choudry, Leonor Plantenga, Sara Licher, Alessio Ianni, Joe Bowe, Cynthia Lengton, Astrid Leerkamp, Janou Derks, Sara Mansson & Philine Tjallema