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'Safety' is a heist film about four criminals who get together to plan and execute a bank robbery. The film's protagonist is the planner, the man in charge of the heist. Although he has hired three accomplices, it's really all down to him - or is it? This is a heist with a difference, where nobody really knows the score.

Written & Directed by Liam Alexander Domonkos
Director of Photography Boris Suyderhoud
Produced by Eirini Katri & Liam Alexander Domonkos
Sound & Music by Stan van den Baar
Edited by Jokko Voogt

Starring: Evert Velthuizen, Joe Bowe, Eddy Ray, Sara Mansson, Alessio Ianni, Rutger Bruil, Liam Alexander Domonkos, Johana Leeflang